The Task of “Doing”

I enjoy stating I love to write or I used to write but never prioritizing or actually doing it. This is the bane of human existence. We all urge and search for change, hoping it magically occurs without any actions. I’m here to remind you, but most of all myself, life doesn’t work like that.

Where does inspiration for “doing” come from? To be completely honest with you, it’s imperatively internal, and no matter what someone else might say or do, in the end, you make the decision to “do.” What stops us is fear of failure, judgment, thinking you are not good enough, and limited possibilities. All this is valid but also absolute bullshit. I know this because even if you fail at something, so what? Try again, and then try it a different way. I am already exhausted from any and all success stories because they always involve: rejection, some more rejection, and failure, but pushing through, and after 100 fails, making it. It could be less, or it could be more. So why is this not enough in my brain to help me move forward? Well, as stated before this example, we do not listen to others unless we go out and “do” something ourselves.

I made this blog with many different intentions because I enjoy writing about many different things. Some days I want to motivate myself and others, and sometimes I want to talk about fashion. Sometimes I also want to write fiction just to get it out of my writing system. So, let’s try this, you and me, reader. Let’s pretend like it doesn’t matter if we absolutely fail or succeed, but we just want to have fun. How long do you think we’ll last? Check in next week, the week after, and the one after that to find out…


One thought on “The Task of “Doing”

  1. I believe that we choose not to do because our brains are smart. We’ve evolved to survive, and ‘doing’, in the traditional sense, is just wasting energy. That’s why we’re always averse to work. But yeah, here’s to finding our groove and overcoming that!


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