13 Reasons Why OG Gossip Girl is a Fashionista’s Dream

I want to take you guys back to my teenage years, where Teen Vogue collages, and dressing like a Gossip Girl character was all the rage. Fast forward to 2022 and I am still just as obsessed with the fashion of the show. In honor of that, I want to share with you some of my favorite looks, and how they still shape why I wear what I wear.

  1. This is a Winter’s plaid dream, and the pompoms on the ice skates as well as the winter beret are absolutely adorable. 10/10 would still wear if I lived in a cold place. Unfortunately Winter in out of the equation when you live in Miami.

2. Blair will forever be my favorite character. This dress may seem boring to some, but I could see myself wearing it to a family holiday party in Europe, or anywhere outside of Miami. I will admit that people take casual dressing too seriously down here and I am not a big fan of it. It has taken my style from elevated to downgraded.

3. Headbands! I am happy to see the rise of the crown coming back in style. First of all, it easily takes your outfit to the next level, and it is the best accessory one could wear. My collection is not as big as I want it to be, but after rewatching the show (for the 8th time), I am tempted to grow my collection.

4. Plaid everything, everywhere. I am a sucker for the print, it has always looked so elegant and beautiful no matter the colors it combined. Sometimes I think plaid is a color of its own because of how great it can be styled.

5. What could be better than a blazer? A metallic blazer. I know this isn’t everyone’s styling choice, but it is a next level outfit idea.

6. We are switching it up to a more summer edition outfit, with this gorgeous 60’s inspired dress. A cinched waist is all I need to look my best, and with these discreet blue/grey flowers, who could resist? The outfit is also making me question my hairstyle choices, and wanting to grow out my hair, yet again.

7. I would be lying if I said this wasn’t exactly the kind of outfit I used to wear in high school. Fun tights, winter shorts, a nice blouse and a cute cardigan to make it fashion forward while still staying warm.

8. I was never a big Serena fan, whether looking at her personality or style choice, but this outfit screams high end while still being short and sexy. The tights are giving her bonus points, because yes, I am a sucker for discreetly sexy tights.

9. Tights are the center of the story again, mostly because I used to own a pair exactly like this. I also had oxfords, which were my favorite type of shoe to wear in high school. I am seeing creepers and loafers back in fashion, so maybe it is almost time for oxfords to come back as well.

10. Back to my favorite fashion icon, Blair. I am not saying I am an avid theater goer, but if I was, this is definitely an outfit I would highly consider.

11. Another sparkly Serena moment, because this outfit not only looks beautiful, but also very comfortable. Comfortable as in I could easily eat a 3 course meal in it without feeling stuffy.

12. A simple coat will never go out of style (thankfully), but I need these plaid tights as a trend as well! I am not saying they are not fashionable right now, but as I previously mentioned, I live in Miami, which unfortunately means wearing stockings once a year for 2 days is not enough for me to purchase a pair.

12. Someone that barely made the list is little Jenny Humphrey. Her style through the show is one of my least favorites (after Vanessa), but this outfit gives me life (bag excluded). The uniform and red cardigan combination is priceless, but I am talking about the tights/socks/pumps combo. It is so delicate (and warm) without trying too hard. I can remember the pages of Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine covered with that style combination for years.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my 13 Reasons Why I love GG. Until next time, you know you love me.